Job Interview Disaster

I recently went to a job interview for a great job. I was so excited to have received an email invitation for an interview. The day of the interview, I arrived 30 minutes early and brought two copies of my resume. I am glad I did this because, the President of the organization walked into the room not knowing which position her and her co-worker were interviewing me for. I was shocked to see how disorganized everyone was for the interview. I understand their company is growing quickly and they are in need of personnel, but that does not justify the situation. Just as much as the organization is interviewing me, I am also interviewing them.

First impressions matter and if the tables were turn, they would probably had rushed the interview to get rid of me quickly. I was still determined to leave them with a good impression, but they for sure left me with a much bigger impression of them. Yikes!! In my personal opinion, this is a huge red flag. I quickly realized, that it was up to me to turn the interviewing into a positive experience for me. I took control of the situation, by giving them time to read over my resume. Then, I explain to them which position I had applied for and why I felt I was a good match. The person went on to tell me what they were looking for and how I did not have certain qualifications that they were looking for. I allowed her to finish talking and then I told her that my resume clearly stated my experience in those specific areas. she had just discussed. I was a little mad, but kept my composure the entire time. I had given them a chance to read over my resume, but I also knew they did not truly read it. It was up to me to shine or let them walk all over me because of their lack of preparation.

I was so taken back by the experience, that for a split second I just wanted to leave. However, I was not going to short sale myself during the interview. I pushed back, by being confident in myself and explaining to them how the job description matched my qualifications. Once they realized, that I was not going to let act like I was not qualified for the job, the mood in the interview room completely change. I knew they weren’t prepared, but I was not going to let them make me feel inferior and that’s when their attitude towards me change. I left the interviewing feeling just as confident as when I walked in, because I did not let the negative experience take away from my knowledge, my achievements and my goals.

For anyone that has ever been in such situation or if you find yourself in a similar situation, I say to you, don’t get frustrated and keep your cool. It is not your fault, it is their fault. You are there to talk about you, your experience, achievements and goals. Learn from the situation and still leave them with a good impression of yourself. Take the time to analyze the organization and use the experience as a lesson. The interview was disorganize which tells me that the organization has many flaws and its starts with their leader. Working for such company is not necessary the best choice, move on and find something better. Just because the job is a great opportunity, does not mean you should sacrifice working with a group that is very disorganized. In the end, this will hurt a person’s motivation and productivity within the workplace.

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