Attracting Positivity Into Your Life.

I love to read books that help me with intention setting and the power it can have in our lives when we surround ourselves with positivism and love. But in order for this shift to happen we must focus on being aligned with a higher and more positive vibration in order to bring into manifestation the things we desire (love, happiness, peace, etc.) Have you ever noticed periods of time when all of a sudden everything is going right for you? Well, if you paid close attention, you would notice that your vibration is high; you are happier, loving (towards you and others), or you are simply at peace and everything is going your way. This is a great example of what being in sync with a higher vibration is, you experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy.

It may not be easy to stay positive every second of the day, but being aware of your feelings and your self-talk is a start. When you are alone and your thoughts are going in every direction, are you being kind to yourself? What are you saying to yourself? Write it down to see if you see a patter of negative self-talk. Are you beating yourself up for something you did or said two days or one year ago? Pay attention to your mood, actions and your inner voice. Are you motivated when you wake up in the morning? What are the first words you say to yourself when you wake up? It is necessary to pay attention to our inner dialogue, because this is what helps shift things towards an optimistic outlook. Do not be hard on yourself, we are all human and we will make mistakes. When you focus on being happy or positive, you attract more positive thoughts into your life. You will begin to feel better about yourself and attract the results that you may be seeking for yourself.

Before waking up from bed each day think of what you are appreciative for. Do not get out of bed until you say one thing you are grateful for. We all have something to be grateful for! I do this every morning, and it helps me get into a mindset of gratitude. This process does not have to be rocket science. You can simply be grateful for opening your eyes, or the sheets on your bed, etc., the point is to think and say what you are grateful for, so you may set the tone for the day. Yes, there are days when you may not feel like doing this, but even when you are feeling down or unhappy try it! I promise, it will lift your spirit up. If you need a little help, try writing a positive affirmation on posted note and place the it on your bathroom mirror or coffee machine, but TRY IT! It will definitely help shift your thoughts and your outlook in a positive direction.

Another essential thing to take into consideration is the people that surround you. Are these positive or negative people? Depending on how you feel or how they make you feel when you are around them, you may want to reconsider how much time (if any) you spend with them. If they are uplifting and positive, keep those relationships. Have you ever noticed how a negative person makes you feel? It has happen to me, I experience gloomy feelings and become negative with my words. I know, its hard to stay away from such people specially if they are family. But, try lessening your time around them until you are capable of being strong enough to not allow those people to affect your mood or thoughts. Making these adjustments may help you be more aware of what changes you may need to make in your life and shift your vibration so you are able to attract more positivity and happiness into your life.

Below are books that may helped you as much as they have help me shift my thoughts and outlook on the way I few things and relationships:

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